Phil Diers - Sculptor

P.O. Box 14476, San Francisco, California 94114, (415) 596-2032

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About the artist

Phil Diers has engaged in sculpture, mold making and casting and has worked in the building trades since 1970.  He has executed architectural ornamentation and sculpture in plaster, resin-stone or concrete, including custom mantels, friezes, gargoyles, cartouches, ornate mirror frames, figures and fountains.  When provided with a photograph or a drawing, Phil sculpts to specifications in three dimensions. His extensive architectural library provides additional visual inspiration.

 Signature Projects: 1985-present

·      Reproduced ornament for the Old Oakland Project on 9th Street in Oakland

·      Modeled a life size figure of Isis for an Egyptian beauty spa in San Francisco

·      For Stanford University, re-created a Luca della Robia frieze panel from Florence, Italy using pictures he found in library books

·      For a San Francisco decorator, executed an ornate French style fireplace surround from a magazine photo

·      Using a pre-1906 historic photo of the Ames Building façade in Mountain View, re-created the 9’ x 4’ frieze, lost in the 1906 earthquake

·      Restored, molded, cast and installed four new ionic capitals for a circa 1904 San Francisco colonial mansion

·      Sculpted two 3’ high owls for the Palo Alto High School theater exterior

·      Restored a fire damaged pre-1941 Madonna della Guardia sculpture for a local Catholic church

Lyncrusta or anaglypta wallcovering.
Since 1987, Phil has responded to the needs of people who want to find replacement embossed wallcovering, but were unable to find it available commercially, He can take an accurate impression of an existing lyncrusta or anaglypta wallcovering design and reproduce it in a product of similar thickness and detail. He also retains some molds in his collection that have patterns that are likely to exist in someone’s home or business.

Phil Diers - Sculptor
739 36th Ave, Suite 203
San Francisco, CA 94121

TEL: (415) 876-3205
CELL: (415) 596-2032

Visa and Mastercard accepted.

Phil Diers is also a member of Artistic License, an artisans guild in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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