Phil Diers - Sculptor

P.O. Box 14476, San Francisco, California 94114, (415) 596-2032

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Yelp Testimonial - Marla K, San Francisco, CA

Phil Diers is a one-of-a-kind sculptor who specializes in plaster casting and recreations of original Victorian lyncrusta.

It is impossible to find original or recreated lyncrusta in one's pattern any longer. If you have a specific pattern, you can't find any more material if you have to repair an area or want to add to what to you have. We had that problem, till we found Phil. Phil will make a mold off of your existing pattern - he builds the mold right to your wall. Then he takes the mold back to his studio, and pours the material to make you sheets of your same pattern. It's quite remarkable, and he is fabulous. He is very good at what he does, he delivered the material on time and on budget, and it's really cool. He even fixed a piece of our wall that was effected when the mold came off. As far as I know, he's the only person around doing this. If you want to recreate your pattern, he's the way to go. He can also build plaster castings of any kind of reproduction piece you might need. Highly, highly recommended.

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